Custom jewelry & embroidery 

She double-checked with me for my design after I made a mistake on my order form. 

 I used a family quote and put it on the ring and I cried when I got it. This has a lot of meaning to me and I cannot wait to start to wear it every day. 

LOVE LOVE these rings! They are perfect for every occasion! So simple yet so cute!


Madison Dier


I am Madison, the hands behind Madcraftin jewelry and embroidery. I work with stamped jewelry, wire wrapped crystals, and embroidery. I started in April of 2018 by embroidering the back of a pair of jeans. From here I have moved Madcraftin into five stores in the Wisconsin area and 2 artists markets. Madcraftin jewelry is worn in 24 states and 4 countries around the world. My goal is to get my jewelry into more local shops in the Milwaukee and Twin Cities area.