Custom jewelry & embroidery 

Now is the perfect time to start placing orders for the holidays! With Madcraftin you are able to create the perfect gift for a loved one. Custom jewelry that will always hold a special place in a loved one's heart.

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From then, we will schedule a time to meet in the Cabin in Davies in the UW-Eau Claire student center. This is only an option for students who place an order and are from UW-Eau Claire. Please still put your address in the shipping information because otherwise your order cannot be processed.

Please do not use this code if you are not a student at UWEC. If you do, your order will not be processed, shipped, or refunded.

Use code: NEWSTATE10 to get 10% off

Use this code to get 10% off your order if you are from a new state. You can check if you are eligible for this by looking at my MAP.

Please do not use this code if you do not qualify for the "new state" discount. If you do, your order will not be processed, shipped, or refunded.

Featured Products

She double-checked with me for my design after I made a mistake on my order form. 

 I used a family quote and put it on the ring and I cried when I got it. This has a lot of meaning to me and I cannot wait to start to wear it every day. 

LOVE LOVE these rings! They are perfect for every occasion! So simple yet so cute!

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Hello! I am Madison. I play roller derby, I like crafts & I wear too many flannels. I am a social work major and I am very passionate about gender equality, body positivity, and mental health awareness. 

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